Roller Shutter Garage Door Motor


Product Details


Central roller door motor, it mainly used for big wind roller door. 


Power input: 220~240VAC 50Hz

110VAC (optional)

Transformer spec: Primary voltage: 220VAC

Motor spec: Motor type: Permanent magnet DC. Motor Voltage: 24VDC

Control board spec : Control board voltage:24V DC

DC Light voltage: 36V 1.5W

Transmitter spec: 433Mhz/315Mhz


1. Left or right installation is possible.

2. Easy to operate by power and manual.

3. The roller door motor has beautiful design, advanced structure and strong power.

4. Use imported components to be safe and stable.

5. The motor has low noise, low vibration and low power consumption.

6. Light weight, small size, easy to install, durable and reliable performance.

7. Overheat protection: If the roller door motor temperature exceeds 110 degrees Celsius, it will automatically stop working. If the temperature returns below 70 degrees Celsius, it will work again.