Automatic Electric Roller/rolling Door Motor/ Opener

Brief Introduction: This kind of roller door motor can be installed in the central of door. It is more powerful. If you are interested welcome contact us by email, Whats App, Facebook or viber. Detailed specification: 1, Easy Installation 2, Soft start and stop 3, Powerful and quiet DC motor 4,...

Product Details

Brief Introduction: 

This kind of roller door motor can be installed in the central of door. It is more powerful. 

The installation of the electric rolling door motor must be installed and maintained by a professional, and must be grounded well, otherwise leakage will occur. When the rolling door motor is running, it must not stand or walk under the door. There should be no obstructions. Check the motor regularly to ensure that the sound is not abnormal and the operation is smooth. Otherwise, it is easy to cause personal safety and affect the life of the rolling door.

The working environment of the rolling door motor must be between -25 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is about 90% (25 degrees Celsius). Before installing the rolling door motor, you should loosen the locking screw of the limit mechanism, then pull the circular chain to let the curtains leave the ground for about one meter, then try it out. Press the up, down, left and right and stop to see if it is sensitive and reliable. If it is normal, the curtain will be closed. Rising or falling.

Detailed specification:

1. Easy Installation

2. Soft start and stop

3. Powerful and quiet DC motor

4. Auto safety reverse system

5. Auto LED light delay

6. Auto close function

7. Manual release handles

8. Rolling code

Detailed data:

1, Transformer: 80W

2, Motor: 6N

3, Max Lift Height: 5m

4, Max lift weight: 40kgs

5, Power input: 220V-240V 50Hz

6, Input voltage: 24V

7, Control board spec: 24V

8, DC light voltage: 36V 1.5w

9, Transmitter frequency: 433Mhz/315Mhz

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