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The Types And Advantages Of Garage Doors

May 31, 2017

Garage doors are mainly remote control, induction, electric, manual several. Which remote control, induction, electric can be collectively referred to as automatic garage door. The main difference between manual garage doors and automatic garage doors is no motor. The most common shutter doors on the market are made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles, the surface after electrostatic powder coating, fluorocarbon spraying and other treatment processes to achieve corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, no rust, scratch resistance and other characteristics, Durability, long life, strength, with anti-theft, protection and other properties, so the scope of the most widely used.

Garage door can be installed anti-theft, security system: such as the impact of resistance to the rebound system, the facility can make the door resistance to stop, both to protect personal and vehicle access to security, but also to protect the reliable use of the door; infrared sensor control system, Vehicles, pets out of security; burglar alarm system, when someone steals the door when the tweeter will issue an alarm to protect the security. At the same time with a power supply backup battery work function, no need to manually open the door after power failure. Here are some commonly used garage door type to do specific introduction:

First, the shutter garage door:

Curtain curtain with high strength 6063T5 aluminum alloy double (single) layer extrusion. 6063 is the world's general alloy, for a wide range, especially in a variety of construction, for the production of doors, windows and other light components and health, office equipment. The aluminum alloy, which begins with 6, is made of magnesium and silicon as the main alloying element, and its corrosion resistance is good, the welding performance is strong, the cold working performance is good and the strength is moderate.

Second, the flap garage door:

1, microcomputer program control, easy to use, press the remote control handle can be, and the motor comes with automatic delay lighting.

2, no noise, green.

3, power switch when easy.

4, meet resistance rebound, guarantor car safety.

5, the principle of science, the door built-in torsion spring, torque and door weight quite, so that the door in the "zero weight" state, and in the track by the pulley running, so the resistance is small, less energy consumption, low maintenance rate, durable.

6, parts removal and update convenience, is conducive to maintenance.

Three, solid wood garage door

Solid wood garage door structure with 2.0 mm steel frame structure, enter the latest anti-clip design elements Each door panel with two steel plate, with cold-rolled equipment into anti-clip shape, slotted solid wood door embedded in the steel frame, vertical And the anti-clamped steel structure between the use of spot welding equipment connected, the solder joints formed firmly.

1, steel wood library door facade for solid wood, solid wood door on the back of the "Tian" shaped steel frame, combined with a solid steel, solid wood natural style, to enhance the villa grade, and the natural style of the villa integration.

2, steel and wood garage door all the points in the steel frame, solid wood panels embedded in the steel frame, greatly increasing the life of steel doors and doors.

3, in the door all the structure, between the door and the steel frame and the door between all non-staple structure, in the door movement, will not be due to loose, variant, door structure solid and reasonable.

4, solid wood door panel paint using outdoor weathering paint, according to the characteristics of the villa, the choice of style to match the color, steel real garage door panel shape can also be suitable for villa positioning, the whole can be combined as a whole, add value to the villa.