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High Speed Automatic PVC Roller Up DoorHigh Speed Automatic PVC Roller Up DoorHigh Speed Automatic PVC Roller Up Door High Speed Automatic PVC Roller Up Door

Nov 18, 2017

Brief Introduction: High speed roller door is made from PVC material, mainly used in warehouse and open and close frequently. If you are interested, welcome to contact us by email, Facebook, Whats App or viber.

Detailed specification:

Automatic High Speed PVC Roll Up Door Quick Roller Door

High speed  door is an essential configuration and indispensable facility for modern industrial plants and logistics warehousing industry to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption .It is specially designed shorten time for fast material flow ,safety and reliability .Except the applications to general plants, it is widely applied to auto parts, pharmaceuticals,food ,electronics, air purification plant

High Speed/Rapid PVC Door Detail Specification:


Made in high-density polyester fabric (Thickness:0.8mm or 1.5mm). Imported from Belgium.


red, yellow, orange, blue, gray etc.

Motor systems 

Motor: Del or Senlima Motor, 220v/50Hz, one phase

Power: 0.75kw~2.2kw ( according to the size of the door)

Control Panel

Danvers Brand, Including Invert, PLC and other components.

Size Option: 0.75KW

Cross bar(Guide Rail)

1. Aluminum Lath

2. Steel (Standard)

Transparent window

1. Location: Accordingly to custom's design. Middle section/Bottom Section even full transparent. the windows can be Rectangle or Ellipse. As well as the size

2. Thickness: 0.8mm/1.5mm Curtain

Command system

Floor Sensor control, Radar sensor, Rope Switch, remote control, push button. More optional provided,Like Finger printer, Key card etc.

Advantage of high speed door 

1.Nice appearance, high quality curtain, which imported from Belgium, easy to clear, and high oil-proof, water-proof,wind-proof, also good air tightness

2.Good Seal, high speed door install seal brush on both side of the door track , make it dust-proof, wind resistant ,keep warm,noiseless also

3. Professional production lines,first-class technicians,experienced engineers

4. Use imported Motor and control box, make sure the door have a long span life

5. 100% strict inspection before shipment 

Some parts of PVC high speed roller door:


Working way: