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Garage Door Installation Method

May 31, 2017

A garage of course can not lack the garage door, how to install the garage door for non-professionals in terms of a headache thing, but some professional installation of the garage door company, these are the basic operation, and now we have a detailed analysis of the garage How does the door install?

When installing the garage door, it is necessary to measure the distance from the ceiling of the garage door or the distance from the ceiling to the ceiling. The minimum distance is not less than 250mm, so that the central shaft of the garage door is installed. 300-400mm. Measuring the width of the left and right wall of the garage door openings, the normal size of 120-150mm, the minimum shall not be less than 70, under normal circumstances, the user should prepare 60 × 1 50mm × garage door height × 3 wooden side. Check the garage door openings, roof, hole around the wall and so on whether there are obstacles.

After the measurement is completed, the door frame must be the same size as the door, and the column of the door frame must be vertical and the beam must be horizontal. Then fix the bottom bracket, and then fix the bottom bracket and hinge 1 to the first door and the second door and the first door Connect in this order.

For the rail connection to the left and right vertical rails were placed on the front of the wooden frame, respectively, the rail shaft on the track, and with the hinge hole connected with a self-tapping screw to the track fixed Wooden frame, respectively, the slide link fixed on the track, and then measure whether the angle of the angle with the wooden frame at an angle of 90 °, the left and right corner rails were connected to the slide connection, requiring a curve.

The following are the same as the "

Next is the installation of the torque spring, the middle of the shaft sleeve on the sleeve bracket, press the left and right position into the torque spring, according to the left and right position through the wire rope sheave, the assembly of the woman's shaft on the slide connection , With screws fixed in the door on the wooden frame. When installing the fourth door, connect the door to the third door, connect the wires on both sides of the sheave to the first door, and tighten the torque spring (usually tightened to 8-9 turns Door size).

Corner rail fixed with a steel tape to measure the distance between the curved rail and the ceiling, according to the measurement of the size cut off the porous angle iron, made triangular bracket, respectively, the porous triangular bracket fixed in the roof around the top of the curved track, and with the bend Rail connected. But also should be connected to the emergency balance bar, the short rod and the door will be connected, long-term and chain connection, adjust the length of the length of the balance bar (generally require the balance rod and the fixed end of the chain to the door of the distance of 250-300mm) The

Finally, adjust the height of the lift, with the chain limit switch to adjust the door height and the bottom of the rise. Install the left and right sides of the seal, according to the height of the hole diameter of the seal will be cut off the seal into the wooden frame of the installation. And then deal with the garage door on the mouth along the left of the space, the door at the top of the rare lacquered strip, the most ineffective days to resist Weishan sand, rain erosion.

The above steps are a complete garage door installation, the installation of the garage door to carry out a precise measurement, after the measurement can be quickly installed to improve the efficiency of the garage door installation.