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Electric Remote Transparent Roller Shutter Doors

Nov 04, 2017

Detailed specification:

1, The size of PC slat is 10X30cm,

2, Aluminum links can be connected between two slats.

3, Use Australian roller door motor, low noisy and lift smoothly.

4, the door have spring to make lift easily by hand if power off.

5, using transmitter to open and close the door.

The production steps:

Electric Remote Transparent Roller Shutter Doors 

PC door hardware:

Electric Remote Transparent Roller Shutter Door harewares

1, Soft start and soft stop

2, waterproof cover for roller door motor and control box.

3, 100W transformer and supply more lift power

4, can be connected kinds of options, such as photo beam, battery, external receiver and so on.

5, automatic safety reverse function to protect people;

6, low noisy

7, 350N output

Input voltage available:

1. 220V±10%, 50Hz

2. 110V or 127V 60Hz

Transformer specification:

220VAC±10% - 24VAC

Working environment:

1. -20~70

2. relative humidity<90%

Packages and loading container:

Transparent Roller Shutter Door package