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Automatic Remote Control Electric Curtain

Oct 21, 2017

automatic remote control electric curtain

TB2D9U4nr_0UKFjy1XaXXbKfXXa_!!731960938.jpg         Description of curtain control system :

1. Close or open the curtain via smartphone APP
2. Manual induction function, easy to close or open
3. High quality motor, longer life time
4. 304 aluminum, high quality, high class, durable
5. support remote control, can control anywhere with internet
Specification of curtain control system:
Operating voltage: AC 230V/50HZ
Wireless type: 433MHz/ 2.4G 802.15.4
Power: 90W
Torque: 1.0Nm Rotate speed: 112/rpm
Curtain wire close/open speed: 14cm/s

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