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mobile control overhead garage door opener

Nov 09, 2017

Application: sectional garage door, tilt up garage door, slding garage door.
Economic and durable garage door opener
This type motor has started for sale since 2012, already sold 100000units.

China garage door opener wall switch

China belt drive garage door opener

The functiona and advantage

1.)Electronic limit switchBottle Moulding Machine
3.)Self-learning opening force
5.)Low-voltage protection
7.)Can be with battery backup
9.)Can be with external reciever
11.)Can be with pass door protection
13.)Can be with finger print remote

2.)Safety obstacle reverseBottle Moulding Machine
4.)Self learning closing force
6.)Can be with infrared sensor for protection
8.)Can be with wall switch
10)Can be with flash ligh
12.)Can be with keypad
14.)Can be with mobile remote, bluetooth, GSM

China programmable garage door opener

China garage door opener track

China electric roll up door opener

Garage door opener fixed hardwares and manual

Garage door opener fixed hardwares

The kinds of garage door opener rails

Material: aluminum and steel
There are belt drive steel rail and chain drive steel rail
Each rails can be: one piece, two pieces, and three pieces

China garage door opener tracks