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China's intelligent garage door products

May 31, 2017

China's smart garage door was born in 1988, has been 14 years of history. So far the country has 200 annual output of nearly 10,000 sets of enterprises. Almost monotonous, the product structure is much the same. Really can be described as a copy of the world articles. But recently developed by the QL-ZQ axis drive door machine in China's Zhangzhou City, Fujian came out, the product is part of China's own intellectual property rights. 

The product with its excellent quality, and extraordinary innovation ability to show in front of the world. QL-ZQ garage door opener is characterized by: compact design, compact structure, lifting force, low noise, easy installation, easy transportation and long service life and so on. The product omit the old garage door products essential chain and chain box, screw and guide rails and related stents, product cost reduction, favored by domestic and foreign counterparts, the product is selling.