Automatic High Speed Steel Overhead Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Brief Introduction: Industrial sectional door is mainly used in factory and warehouse. It can be lift by hand and remote control. If you are interested, welcome to contact us by email, Facebook, Whats App or viber. Detailed Specification: 1, with high speed, great safety and reliability, the...

Product Details

Brief Introduction:

Industrial roller shutters are generally common in factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. They are durable, rugged and reliable, and start up very quickly and without noise. The industrial rolling door is driven by a motor and can be turned to a manual device if it is powered off. The appearance is transparent, beautiful and has certain safety. The lighting is better and the operation performance is better. Compared with other lifting doors, the industrial rolling door saves internal control space, and the installation is more convenient. After a slight collision, it can automatically rebound.

Detailed Specification:

1, with high speed, great safety and reliability, the panel is produced by continued production line which foamed in place polyurethane core construction between exterior and interior steel skin.

2.According to workshop situation, we offer three lift ways to fitting the different headroom which provide easy installation, also provide tracks that follow roof slope tracks

3.Safety edge devices in case of emergency situation

4.High strength and special thicker hot-dip galvanized tracks width with 2 Inches and 3 inches are available, provide standard lift tracks with15inches radius track. Torsion spring counterbalance mechanism sized to weight of the door, with a helical wound, oil tempered torsion spring mounted on a steel shaft, standard cycle spring 20,000 cycles. High cycle spring is also available. 

5.Passing door and windows for the selection

Technical data:

1) Panel thickness: 40mm, 50mm with the 0.326mm,0.40mm and 0.45mm galvanize steel sheet

2) Door panel heat consumption factor: k= 1.2(W/Mk)

3) High density: 42kgs/m3

4) Water tightness: class two

5) Resistance to wind load: class two

6) Air permeability: class four

7) Applicable standards: EN13241-1:2003,EN ISO 12100-1:2003,EN ISO12100-2:2003 EN ISO 14121-1:2007,EN 60204-1:2006, EN 61000-6:2005, EN61000-6-3:2007

8) The working life: 20,000 times

9) The working temperature: -30oC - 50oC

10) Maximum width: 11800mm

11) Section height: any size between 440-550mm

12) Surface finish: Wood grain or stucco emboss surface increase Intensity and gives better appearance   

13) Panel design: stripes, blocks, one stripe, flat, wavy and smooth.

14) Full range of colors are available:

A. standard RAL number: such as White (RAL9016),Grey(RAL7016), Brown (RAL8014), silver(RAL9006), and so on.

B. wood imitation color: Golden oak, Mahogany, Dark oak, Maple and Black walnut.

15) Suitable for workshops, warehouse, and commercial shops

16) Weather stripping: provide complete perimeter seals include flexible top seal, jamb seal and special industrial bottom seal

17) Opening way: remote control , automatic, manual ,chain hoist


Single steel track with L-profile 

Buffering( for option)


Latch(for passing door)

Top bracket 

Closer(for passing door)

Cable anti-break device

Strut(big door)


sealing(side/top and bottom)

cable drum



Spring bracket

2.5m multi-angle track