Aluminum Spiral Rapid Roller Shutter Door

Brief Introduction : It is mainly used in factory or warehouse, the features are fast and can be opened and closed frequently, if you are interested, welcome to contact us by email, Facebook, Whats App or viber. Detailed specification : 1. Suitable for door opening size against wind pressure...

Product Details

Brief Introduction: It is mainly used in factory or warehouse, the features are fast and can be opened and closed frequently. The main function is to quickly isolate the air quality of the workshop. It has many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, windproof, dustproof, soundproof, fireproof, anti-odor, lighting, etc., and is widely used in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, refrigeration, logistics, warehousing and other places. Highly high performance logistics and clean places, and energy saving, high-speed automatic shutdown, improve work efficiency, create a better working environment and so on.

Detailed specification:

1. Suitable for door opening size against wind pressure positive or negative <65kg/m2

2. Door curtain is made by aluminum sectional type curtain, which filled with high density polyurethane, 40mm thickness

3. Optional: Transparent window, Transparent panels made of Extruded aluminum with PC sheet

4. Portal frame structure made by 2mm thick high-quality corrosion of cold rolled steel plate, silver gray painting spray, in compact appearance, durable with good performance

5. Control Box: IP55 box is compatible with all kinds of protection devices, which can be used to control the PLC, and the overall safety of the vehicle and goods by using the digital program; blackout manual rocker, can be easily opened or closed.

6. Running speed: Switch speed in 0.6m/sec; Manual operation in case of power failure.



Universal-indoor openings in industrial, storage and commercial facilities

Maximum Size:

WXH: 8000mmx6500mm

Opening Speed:

0.8m/s-2.5m/s, adjustable

Closing Speed: 

0.6m/s-1.0m/s, adjustable

Working Temperature Range:

-25 to 60 ℃

Hardware Materials:

Frame and sides - Galvanized steel
Track guides -  Extruded aluminum
Outer Track Cover - Galvanized steel / 304 Stainless steel

Control Box: 

Painted steel housing
Safety class - IP55
Variable speed drive

Drive System: 

Supply voltage - 220V 50Hz/380V 50Hz
Power - 0.5KW - 5.5KW
Safety class - IP55
Final shaft position indicated by encoder

Wind Pressure Resistance:

450 N/M2

Operating Life:

500 000 cycles

Mainly draft of high speed door:




Fast and non wear

With spiral round non-contact track, the sectional curtains won’t connect with each other when roll up,the curtain material won’t wear, distort and run fast without noise.


European Safety standard

High speed door’s surface is very smooth, and all moving parts are strictly designed in accordance with European Safety standard




When a barrier approaches, the door will produce precise infrared light curtains, which greatly increase the active and passive safety of high speed door.



The unique technology makes possible our highly functional side frames that will not allow air, water, dust, pests or other contaminants into your space when the door is shut.


PU foam

The door panel is filled with pu foam which can prevent burning and noise,and can hot insulation.