Automatic Electric Stage Curtain

flame resistant electric velvet blackout used stage curtain Brief Introduction:This Electric curtain is our 2017 new product, it includes one set motor,one set track and one remote control.It can be usded in home,living room,hotel,balcony,bedroom and office etc.It can connect to the phone and...

Product Details

flame resistant electric velvet blackout used stage curtain 

Specification of curtain control system:

Operating voltage: AC 220V/50HZ

Wireless type: 433MHz/ 2.4G 

Power: 75W

lifting force:40kg

protection level:IP41

Torque: 0.8Nm Rotate speed: 112/rpm

Curtain wire close/open speed: 12.5cm/s

Picture show of curtain control system: 

one motor, one track ( length can be customized according to your window/curtain), one remote controller

Brief Introduction:

This electric curtain is our new product, which includes a set of motors, a set of tracks and a remote control. It can be used in homes, living rooms, hotels, balconies, bedrooms and offices. It can be connected to the phone and controlled. No matter where you are, you can control your home smart electric curtains anytime, anywhere via wireless network.

Electric curtains, unlike the traditional ones, are not connected to the ring and the rings, but are connected by belts. The specific structure is a belt drive, which runs in the closed curtain rod inner cavity, and the belt pulls the curtain and then pulls the lifting ring. This new type of electric curtain belt is not exposed, it will not be dusty and entangled, it can be compatible with electric hand, and it is also suitable for shower curtain.



1. Turn off or open the curtains via the smartphone App

2. Manual sensing function, easy to close or open

3. High quality motor for longer service life

4. 304 aluminum alloy, high quality, high grade, durable

5. Support remote control, you can control the Internet anytime or anywhere


Rail type:

Install way: